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ECU Remapping UK – Enjoy A More Liberated Drive

With ECU Remapping UK you can enjoy up to 20% increase in the power and torque delivered by your car. The throttle will respond more eagerly when you want it to and there will be fewer flat spots in terms of acceleration throughout the driving range. By having your Engine Control Unit remapped it is possible to improve fuel economy and generally improve your driving experience.

How Does ECU Remapping Work?

Modern cars rely on an engine management system, the ECU. This system monitors factors like your throttle position, gear position, airflow and braking. By using this information, the ECU then determines optimal settings for various actuators in your car. The problem is that modern cars are mapped according to the manufacturer’s settings and these are highly generic settings.

When manufacturers map a car’s ECU they have to take into account the fact that drivers may hail from various countries. They may use sub-standard fuel and may not look after the car or the engine as intended. While the manufacturer needs to use a single map for all of its cars, this one size fits all solution is not typically the ideal solution for your driving needs.

ECU Remapping UK can tailor a remap to your requirements. We utilise extensive testing and development to deliver the optimal remap for your car so that you can enjoy the best possible driving experience. You won’t need to compromise on performance and you may also enjoy improved fuel consumption figures too.

The Benefits of Remap ECU

When a car is limited by its ECU settings you aren’t getting as much out of it as you could be enjoying. You may be able to free your engine with improved BHP and torque while removing flat spots from your acceleration with Remap ECU. If you feel that your engine labours at certain points then ECU Remapping UK can help to iron out these problems and give you back a car that offers the best possible performance whenever you need it.

ECU Remapping UK

ECU Remapping UK has extensive knowledge in the field of Vehicle Tuning, we have been involved in the industry for over 10 years with this experience we know that drivers could be enjoying a much morel liberated drive than they already do and thanks to the ECU Remapping UK service you could be next.